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DIY IS300 Rear Fog Light How To

Here is our How to on JDM/EDM Fog Lights on your 2001-2005 IS300. 

Tools needed:


Soldering Iron


(2) 6amp Rectifier Diodes (Radioshack $2.99)



1) Remove your back seat.

a.)Lower Comes out first. 

b.) 4 12mm bolts hold in the upper. 

c.) Once 4 bolts are removed, lift up on the back upper seat. 


2.) These are the junctions you will need. Junction 12/13. They will be located on the drivers side behind the back seat.

(The one I am pointing to is Junction 13. This houses the Brake Illumination wires. Green/White. Junction 12 has the Blue Plug above it; this houses your OEM Fog switch Power Wire. Green/Orange)

3.) This is the Power lead from the OEM Fog Switch:


4.) What you are going to do is cut the 2 inner brake light illumination leads. Cut them far enough back so you can solder in the 2 Rectifier Diodes. Then, you are going to strip back the wire on the Green/Orange wire. Use the picture below for reference. This is how its suppose to look:


The Green/Orange is going to power one lead on the Diode. The other lead and the twisted leads will splice into the two Green/White wires. 


5.) Lastly, you will need to unpin/cut this wire. Doing this will allow you to use the fogs without the the Illumination Issue Light on your Cluster lighting up.