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OBD2 Vtec Wiring Sub Harness

Clubbed Industries

OBD2 Vtec Wiring Sub Harness

$ 32.99

Our Vtec Sub-harnesses are completely plug and play.

Works wonders if you put a Vtec motor in a non vtec car. We can make them for the JDM motors or the USDM motors. (Some of the JDM motors do not have a pressure switch present.)

Also cost effective rather than trying to source a GSR or B16 Harness.

Installation takes 15 minutes.

  • -Easy Installation
  • -Heat Shrunk
  • -Nylon Loomed
  • -All New OEM Pins

Please be sure to choose the right plug selection from the drop down menu as all harnesses are made to order.

  • If you are running a stock H22 or GSR and plan to use IAB’s, please click +IABs from the drop down menu.
  • If you’d like to retain a Knock Sensor, select + Knock Sensor fro the drop down menu.

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